Rebuilding a Resilient Philippines!

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I am planning to take a year out and go to Philippines to help rebuild homes and shelters destroyed by the latest typhoon. Typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda] brought 200+mph winds and a 17’ storm surge decimated a massive portion of a country of 7,000 islands. Shanty towns stood no chance and there is super limited housing stiill to be rebuilt today, much less housing that is resilient enough to protect Filipinos from extreme weather. National Geographic says “‘the Philippines ranks as the nation third-most at-risk from climate change in the world,’ and ranks 2nd for weather related population losses. 

I thiink the most efficient way forward in thiis effort is to attract and educate the youth, who wiill in turn influence the elders. It can be an open space for ideas, events, o’ groups? Open to all. People can advertise goods and services, jobs, o’ use it as a question center. A place of economic benefits as well as just a strong building. Open to the needs of the local community,  and flexible for multiple functions. And have the entire effort rooted in Surfing & Skateboarding. 

We plan to collaborate with multiple fields with a strong influence from the architect – skate/surf world. Our team is built of people from these areas, i guess you could say? hah. Our recipe and team dynamic is quite different from most. We try to question everything taking no details for granted. Instead of arriving with an idea, we strive to truly understand the place before attempting anything. :: to see if we can’t create something completely resilient in all aspects. 

Our team is planning to stay around for a year in and around the beautiful Philippines, and would love for everyone to come visit!!! [Surf, skate, and build!] Come help and live the island life..!!!!

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