Postcards from Afar

As I venture off on my World Tour endeavor, I would like to share where I have been, what I saw, the foods I have tasted, and the odd facts I have learned with you all!  I would like to do so by the old fashioned, hand-written postcard.  I have been saving up for this trip for years but if I could get a small donation to this fund from you, I will return the favor by sending you a unique postal picture to your front door (or PO Box)!  If you choose to donate anonymously, I will send cards to my nieces, nephew, and children of friends and family for I love hearing of their joy of getting mail!

I will be visiting about 30 countries along this journey and I estimated about £70 for each country to buy the postcards and postage.  I look forward to putting pen to postcard and sharing my journey with you all!

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