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My beautiful 58 year old mum has just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I thought I’d have a lifetime to spend making memories, now it’s been cut short. This page is to help me create memories with my mum, dad and her grandchildren that we can all treasure and enjoy in the time we have left. I’ve never asked for anything in life but I’m asking for help now and will look to pay this forward in the future. 

My mums bucket list is trying to fit a lot in but hey there is a lot to do in life so we are going for it. 

Bucket List 
1. Visit Italy with my husband, a special place in our hearts. 
2. Go to Spain to spend some time with my little sister and her family 
3. Fulfil plans to celebrate a joint birthday in New York, my daughters 40th and my 60th. 
4. Visit our dear friends in the Pyrenees. 
5. To see Ed Sheeran in concert. 
6. To see Elbow in concert 
7. Attend as many music events as possible. 
8. Visit London and see the sights 
9. Go on the London Eye. 
10. Visit Harry Potter World. 
11. Explore national gardens including Sissinghurst , Wisley and Hampton Court. 
12. Meet David Essex 
13. Go to a spa and be pampered for the day. 
14. Meet Monty Don 
15. Rally Drive. (Could be a tricky one with a revoked license)
16. Meet Robbie Williams 
17. Go to St Petersburg 
18. Visit South America 
19. Go to Edinburgh (a place close to our hearts) 
20. Visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall 
21. Go on a zip wire 
22. Have close contact and spend time with Orang-utan’s. 
23. Visit Rome and explore the city.
To be continued……..,,,,,,

About Angie 
A beautiful 58 year old wife to Gordon for 41 years this year, mum to Georgie and Daniel and grandmother to Beth, Flo, Lilly, Elsie and Nancy. 

Angie has had a lengthy career in care where she cared for mentally ill adults, elderly patients and more recently patients with Dementia. 

Healthy, fit and active
Angie has always shown a real
zest for life. This illness has not only affected her health but has also taken away the independence and active life she
led up to recently. 

Angie fell ill on February 18th whilst visiting her daughter in Nottinghamshire. She collapsed in the morning with signs of a stroke. An ambulance was called and she was rushed to Kingsmill Hospital, Mansfield where she received excellent, rapid care. It soon transpired that it was not a stroke after a CT scan revealed a shadow mass on the brain. After a week of stabilising in hospital Angie was then transferred to Queens Medical Centre where she underwent a craniotomy (brain surgery to you and me). 

The operation managed to remove 90% of the tumour but would be unable to fully remove all due to the positioning of the tumour on the brain. The feeling being Quality of life over quantity of life. 

Angies tumour unfortunately is of the highest grade and is called a Glioblastoma Grade 4 or GBM4 . This is a fast growing tumour / brain cancer that is incurable. 

Angie will commence radiotherapy for 6 weeks (the maximum a human brain can take in its life time) and then chemotherapy in an effort to keep the tumour at a manageable size. However there will come a point where treatment is no longer viable. 

So when Angie is well and able to, she wants to live the life she always thought she had time to experience. Make memories with her loving Husband. Spend time with her daughter and son and see her young grandchildren grow and change. 

We are not a wealthy family and never could have imagined we would experience this in our lives but it’s happening. The key is we stay positive together as a family and make memories to last each generation of our precious little world. 

We would like to take this time to thank you for your support and helping us live life together, laugh and smile x

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