A holiday for Klairy

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Hi im kass, im 30 years old. 5 years ago my parents divorced and my sister Klair (then 13) came to live with me. our dad has since recovered from a breakdown and our mother is still recovering from a brain hemorrhage. We have our 13 year old brother who lives with us who has behavior issues and although we love him he does make life difficult, Ive have taken him away but lets just say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I myself suffer with chronic fatigue and also help care for my mum. Klair now 18 is currently doing her A levels. I have given her everything I can in life, but we tend to survive on hand me downs and borrowing from the rent pot. she doesn’t moan but i do know she would like a break from life, I would love to take her on holiday somewhere hot and perhaps some new clothes for the trip, she can then take a break from normality and be carefree,I am lucky enough to have a holiday from life myself, paid for by a carers grant and my partner, I would be able to cover some of the cost but cannot give her a once in a lifetime opportunity before she goes out into this scary big world…I dont want to sound like im begging, but this girl does deserve something special…. many thanks guys xxx

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